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The Capacitar practices taught on our introductory day, and in greater detail on our Multicultural Wellness Training, are shared by our participants with the many groups with which they work.

These include carers’ groups, youth groups, people with disabilities, refugees and asylum seekers, children in schools and crèches, cancer groups, homeless groups, community groups, unemployed groups, and professional groups.

The following are a few examples of how those who have participated on our Wellness Training share the various practices with the groups they work with:

Practices with Clients in Counselling

Practices with a Multicultural Womens’ Support Group

Capacitar Advanced Training Report September 2013

Capacitar Research and Reflection Project

Uses of Capacitar Practices with those who have both physical and mental health issues:

Working with GROW for those with Mental Health Challenges

Working with Brain Injury Patients

Capacitar Practices working with Exam Students:
Working with Exam Students

Capacitar Practices working with Young Adults:
Working with Young Adults

Capacitar Practices working with Children:

Working with 5th Class Students

Working with 6th Class Children

Capacitar Practices working with Mothers of Pre-School Children:

Working with Mothers of Pre-School Children

Capacitar practices working with community groups in West Clare:
Working with Community Groups in Clare

Capacitar Practices with Youth Workers:
Working with Youth Workers

Capacitar Practices with the Elderly:
Working with the Elderly

Capacitar Practices with Homeless people:
Working with the Homeless

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