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Capacitar Ireland Network

Capacitar Network in Ireland is a group of men and women from the four corners of the country  representing a variety of professional backgrounds: health carers, educationalists, community workers, psychotherapists, social workers, pastoral workers, doctors, psychologists and people involved in trauma work, mediation and well-being.

The Aims of Capacitar Ireland Association are:

  • To promote well-being among individuals, groups and communities. 
  • To offer Capacitar Body, Mind and Sprit practices which improve overall quality of life.
  • To enable the development of skill in the areas of healing, stress relief, trauma recovery, team building. Leadership and transformation.
  • To promote personal, organisational and community development.

The management committee is responsible for developing the Vision and implementing the aims of the Association in line with its Constitution. A Strategic Plan has been developed to guide the work of the committee. 

Our vision is to create a network of positive energy which generates joy, healing, nurturing and blossoming for ourselves and others.

Using a popular education approach, we teach simple wellness practices to individuals and groups who are then encouraged to share the practices with their families and communities, empowering them to heal and transform their lives and their societies.

We are especially committed to those marginalised in society and in need of self- care. In Ireland we have worked with carers, youth groups, people with disabilities, refugees and asylum seekers, teachers, children in schools and crèches, cancer groups.

Capacitar Ireland Association is affiliated to Capacitar International which was founded in 1988 by Dr Pat Cane PhD and now enjoys a network of empowerment and solidarity in over 35 countries in the Americas, Africa,  Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Capacitar logoLogo: Capacitar’s logo comes from a pre-Columbian design of the lotus.  The image represents creativity and empowerment: people rooted to the earth, with arms raised to the energy of the heavens, hands joined in solidarity around the world, with the seed of life nurtured and growing within.

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