Capacitar Ireland Association


                   Constitution for Capacitar Ireland Association.

                  Capacitar is a Spanish word meaning to Empower & Encourage



The name of the group is Capacitar Ireland Association. Called ‘the group’ in this document.

1.The Aims of the Association are:

  • To promote well-being among individuals, groups and communities.
  • To offer Capacitar Body, Mind and Spirit practices which improve overall quality of life.
  • to enable the development of skills in the areas of healing, stress relief, trauma recovery,team building. Leadership and transformation.
  • To promote personal, organisational and community development



To further these aims, the group may exercise the following powers:


  • Provide workshops and training in Capacitar practices.
  • To produce leaflets/posters to publicise group activities;
  • To hold meetings;
  • To pay the necessary expenses involved in running the group;
  • To engage consultants when necessary, to carry out the work of the Association
  • To undertake any other lawful activity to further the group’s aims.


  1. Membership
  • The signatories to these Rules are the first Members of the Association.
  • Members oversee the running of the Association on a voluntary basis and meet on an annual basis for the Annual General meeting.  Members offer their experience , wisdom, and support the vision of the Association.  
  • Membership of the group shall be open to persons in sympathy with the group’s aims and willing to abide by the group’s constitution.
  • Applicants for membership will be proposed by an existing Member, and the Committee will decide on all applications for Membership.
  • Members may resign at any time by giving notice to the other Members through the Chair of the Association.  
  • Management Committee Members would be appointed from within the Membership.
  • The group will be non-party-political, non-sectarian and will be committed to non-discriminatory practices and equal opportunities.


  1. Management Committee


  • The Association Managemnet Committee, appointed by the AGM(comprised of  6-8 Members would  be responsible for taking the vision forward and implementing it. Any member may be  be co-opted to carry out specific tasks at the request of the Committee.  
  • Committee members who resign from the Committee can remain a Member of the Association.
  • The Committee shall be elected to serve for two years after which time individuals may stand for re-election.
  • The chair will have a casting vote in the event of a tie.
  • The committee will have the power to co-op members if it wishes to use this power.
  • The committee will meet at least 4 times a year. The quorum level will be set at 4 members.
  • From amongst the committee, a chairperson,vice chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer will be selected. Other committee members may be appointed to undertake particular responsibilities within the group.
  1. Committee Roles

4.1  Chair and Vice Chair share responsibility for organising and chairing the   Management Committee Meetings, including the following:

  • Plan dates to ensure regular meetings
  • Invite committee members to meetings and send out zoom links
  • Write and send out agenda for meetings and any relevant notes


4.2 Secretary


  • Take minutes at meetings and send out to committee members
  • Retain on file.


4.3 Treasurer –  ensures that the financial affairs of the Association are kept in good order, including the following:

  • Maintain the Association’s bank account, ensuring that there are three signatories to the account and be able to access the account on line.
  • Prepare a simple financial report for the management meetings
  • Prepare a summary of the accounts on an annual basis.

4.4 Communications Administrator/s – who maintains the channels of     communications on behalf of the Association, including the following

  • Keep the web page of the Capacitar Ireland Association website up to date
  • Send out regular newsletters to all on the General email list
  • Send out newsletters of special interest to all on the Advanced Formation email list.
  • Co-ordinate communication with wider groups / individuals to send regular updates, information and contributions for the newsletter


  1. Meetings
  • Committee meetings will be held as often as necessary and at least 4 times a year.
  • An annual general meeting (AGM) of the group shall be held every year . All members shall be notified not less than fourteen days before the meeting.  An agenda will be circulated.  Business of the agm will include electing the committee; reporting on the activities during the year, amendments to the constitution and approval of the group’s accounts.
  • An extraordinary general meeting (egm) can be held if required. An extraordinary general meeting should only consider the business specified in the Agenda..


6 Finances

  • Any income shall be used to further the aims of the group and for no other purpose;
  • A bank account will be opened in the name of the group;
  • The account will require two signatures on any cheque or other bank document. There will be three signatories available to the treasurer for signing cheques.  The group shall decide the signatories to any account set up in the name of the group.
  • A simple written note of the group’s financial position, will be produced and available at committee meetings;
  • No money will be paid out in the name of the group without a receipt being presented.


Amendments to the constitution

  • Any part of this document can be deleted, amended or added to, at the next AGM. Details of any proposed changes should be circulated with the notice of the AGM.
  • When amendment(s) to the constitution are necessary, members will be informed in writing and given the opportunity to consider and vote on the amendments. The amendment(s) will be made if there is a two-thirds majority vote of members.



  • If the committee, by a simple majority, deem it advisable to dissolve the group, it shall call a meeting of all the members of the group, giving not less than 14 days notice.
  • If such a decision is confirmed by a majority of those present, then all the assets of the group shall be transferred to another local voluntary group or community group with similar aims.

Adopted Jan. 2021

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