Dr Pat Cane, Founder of Capacitar International, responded to an invitation from Toni Ryan to come to Ireland and introduce the work of Capacitar and its practices. Since then, Pat has been a regular visitor to Ireland, leading both the Foundation and Advanced trainings across the country.

  • The first workshop was hosted by An Cosán, Community Education and Development Centre, Jobstown, Tallaght, Dublin.
  • In 2004, Pat returned to deliver the First Foundation Training Programme at Kimmage Manor.
  • The First Training programme in Northern Ireland was organised in Belfast in 2005.
  • Twenty four Foundation Training Programmes have been offered since 2004.
  • Advanced Training and Tutor training programmes were held and Capacitar Ireland Association has over 100 Tutors Certified. 
  • On-going Formation Programmes have been offered to the Capacitar Network. 
  • Gathering Days were held to honour the Celtic Festivals of Bealtaine, Samhain, Lughnasa and Imbolg.

In 2013 our 10th Anniversary celebrations took place at All Hallows, Dublin. It was a wonder reunion full of creativity and joy. Pat addressed the gathering encouraging and applauding our work in promoting Capacitar in Irland and abroad.

In 2006 Capacitar Ireland was Incorporated as a Company Ltd with Charitable status. In 2021 the Governance Structure was  revised and simplified.   

We are now Capacitar Ireland Association with a Constitution and Committee in place.   

In Loving Memory

Sr. Kathleen Day R.I.P.

Always remembered with great love and affection our champion and dear friend Kathleen who passed away in March 2020. We owe so much to Kathleen who held the organisation for many years, providing an office space, carrying out administration, day to day tasks of the organisation and spreading Capacitar Practices wherever she went. We were truly blessed to have had her as part of the Capacitar family and to have enjoyed her positive energy and good wit. May she rest in peace. 




Emer Dolpin R.I.P.

In memory of our beloved Emer who passed away in January 2020. Emer worked as administrator for Capacitar Ireland. She brought her wealth of experience of facilitating groups in community and adult education to the organisation. She always went the extra mile seeking out opportunities for funding and she worked tirelessly submitting applications, allowing Capacitar to spread in different parts of Ireland north and south. Emer was an intriguing woman with a big heart, who had the ability to listen to lengthy complicated discussions and emerging ideas, then unravel them, document them, simplify things to make them workable. She loved Capacitar practices and invested herself with passion and enthusiasm in the work of Capacitar. Emer will be greatly missed by all of us. May she rest in peace. 

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