Emergency Kit

Capacitar Emergency Response Kit

The Emergency Kit was Capacitar’s response to the trauma of Hurricane Katrina. The kit includes simple basic practices taught by Capacitar to empower people to deal with the stress of challenging situations. Practices include: Tai Chi, Fingerholds, EFT, The Holds, Head-Neck-Shoulder Release, and Acupressure points for stress, crisis and depression.

Capacitar body-mind-spirit practices include:

  • Tai Chi meditation, Pal Dan Gum and body movement
  • Visualization and breathwork
  • Active Listening and simple psychotherapeutic skills
  • Acupressure for alleviating pain and stress
  • Fingerholds for managing emotions
  • Energy Tapping modalities
  • Hand massage, seated massage and Polarity
  • Work with the energy system and chakras
  • And other wellness modules

The following is a link to the documented Capacitar Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

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